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Genre-based haiku

Ever wanted to write a haiku outside of the boundaries of nature? Multhaiku wants you to do just that! We encourage haiku to be written in a number of genres and forms such as science fiction, horror, fantasy, romance, spiritual, transgressive and even found haiku! Please keep in mind what we do and do not accept.

What we accept

:bulletgreen: Choka
:bulletgreen: Concrete Haiku
:bulletgreen: Dodoitsu
:bulletgreen: Found Haiku
:bulletgreen: Gogyohka
:bulletgreen: Haibun
:bulletgreen: Haiga
:bulletgreen: Haiku
:bulletgreen: Mondo
:bulletgreen: Renga
:bulletgreen: Sedoka
:bulletgreen: Senryu
:bulletgreen: Tanka
:bulletblue: Other Eastern or minimalist poetry

What we don't accept

:bulletred: We prefer if haiku submitted doesn't follow the 5-7-5 rule, but we are lenient and this is not a strict rule. :)
:bulletyellow: Free verse, unminimalistic forms, long form poetry.


Prompt Chaos: Monday, April 25th

Mon Apr 25, 2016, 11:54 PM

NaNoPlotMo Header by inknalcohol

Hello and welcome to the second week of Prompt Chaos here at NaNoPlotMo! We will now be posting weekly journals on Mondays until May 2nd, when the last batch of winners will be announced. The purpose of these journals is twofold:
  • Announce the winners from the poems that wow'ed us from the previous week by featuring your prompts and poems.
  • Use the comments section to submit your poems for next week's prizes.
You must submit your poem in the comments section of this journal to be considered for any future round of prizes. You must also submit at least 1 prompt to the group itself to win prizes as well. See below. NaNoPlotMo will not accept poetry submissions to the group, so you must post a link to your poem in the comments section of this journal if you want it to be seen.

This is the fourth and final week to submit poems for Prompt Chaos that we're celebrating, which means we have poems from the previous week to feature along with our last Chaos Prompt featured and prizes to be awarded! You can find all the prompts HERE. Here are the poems and prompts that stood out to us last week!

:iconbattlefairies: wrote Birds of Paradise based on BonbonBeluvr's prompt.

BATTLEFAIRIES and BonbonBeluvr win 200 points!

:iconbattlefairies: wrote (and chaotically won by default) Damn Snails based on Nichrysalis' prompt.

BATTLEFAIRIES wins 400 points!

:iconarthurthebraveone: wrote NaPo #25 - Federal Complacency based on fotomademoiselle's prompt.

ArthurTheBraveOne and fotomademoiselle win 50 points!

:iconzara-arletis: wrote Last Lights based on ArthurTheBraveOne's prompt.

Zara-Arletis and ArthurTheBraveOne win 50 points!

:iconmagicaljoey: wrote Echoes (Echo Verse) based on Amarantheans' prompt.

MagicalJoey and Amarantheans win 50 points!

Chaos Prompt

In addition to all of those great prompts you can find in our folder here, we would like to challenge our participants to write a poem for the following prompt and have it posted on dA by 11:59 PM CST, Sunday, May 1st, for a shot at a 500 points prize for the writer and the prompter. If there is only one poem written for the prompt, it wins by default and both the prompt creator and writer will win 500 points apiece. If there is more than one poem written for this prompt, only one poem will win and the writer of the winning poem and the prompt creator will receive 500 points apiece. If the prompt is created by someone organizing the contest, then only the author of the poem will receive points, and will receive double the amount they would receive when splitting points. In this case, that amount would be 1000 points. If there are no poems written for a prompt, nobody wins anything and the challenge ends.

:iconarthurthebraveone: @ chaotically prompts you to write...
Let's play a little game, then. To start, get three d12 (twelve-sided dice) - don't have any, or too lazy to get out of your chair? Lo and behold, an online dice roller: It's dangerous to go alone, take this!

Alright, assuming you have your dice now.
You sure you're ready?
No going back.

Ok, let's roll. Literally, roll your dice. Got three numbers? Good.
Below there's three tables. Just take your three results and look their numbers up in the tables.
So if you rolled a 3, a 9, and 5, you'd look at table 1, entry 3; table 2, entry 9; and table 3, entry 5. Easy as that.
You should (really, it's not that hard. I think you can do this.) get a subject-y thing, a descriptor, and either an image or a pretty short poem. There's your prompt. Off ya go.
Find their prompt list here (you'll need it to win!

Prizes and Rules

Prizes are given out in 50 point increments to both the writer of the poem we find outstanding and the creator of the prompt the poem is about. Even if a poem you wrote was never featured during the contest, if you wrote 5 prompts for the contest that won, you'd have won 250 points by the end of the contest, and prompts are always eligible to win again, where a poem isn't. We're doing this to reward the prompters because we understand that pulling an idea out of thin air can be very hard and is just as important a contribution as writing a poem.

In addition to the points we already have, I will be keeping donations open from now until midnight May 1st. Any points donations made to Nichrysalis during this period of time will be redistributed back to participants in the contest, and I encourage any and all donations to make this event even more rewarding for everyone.

The current prize pool stands at 1,514 points!

Where do we donate points to again? Please donate your points to Nichrysalis using the donation widget at the top right of my page or by using this link.…

Prompt List Rules

  1. Your prompt list may be any text deviation that can be submitted to deviantART (journals, scraps, lit, etc), but it must also submitted to NaNoPlotMo for others to find.
  2. Submit your list of prompts to NaNoPlotMo's folder for NaPoWriMo here.
  3. You must keep all prompts on your list to one deviation.
  4. You may write a list of prompts and then add more prompts to your list later. Please avoid editing already existing prompts.
  5. Prompts must have a minimum of three words. One or two word prompts will not be accepted and poems based off of prompts under three words will not be considered for prizes.
  6. Your prompt list must be numbered to avoid any confusion.
  7. You may have any amount of prompts on your list, but writing more prompts for people to use greatly increases your chances of being a winner of a prize.
  8. All prompts must be original prompts and not found anywhere else (any similar prompts will be treated as coincidence unless there is a word for word match to someone else's prompts or from prompt lists that already exist elsewhere).

Poetry Submission Rules

  1. You must write about someone else's prompt to be eligible for a prize.
  2. You must follow any rules for the prompt you are writing about.
  3. You must credit the specific prompt and link to the prompt list deviation in your artist's comments.
  4. To submit a poem to win a prize, you must leave a comment on the journal for that week's entries that link to your deviation. Journals to submit poems to will be posted on April 1st, 11th, 18th, and 25th.
  5. Poems must be submitted to deviantART during the month of April.

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